About Us

Who We Are

Palmetto Baptist Church ministers to a semi-rural community that values the flavor of a small town. However, our church is surrounded by a growth area which uniquely positions our church to share the gospel and help people follow Jesus.

Palmetto Baptist strives to minister to our entire community. The growing blend of all ethnic and social groups provides us the opportunity to serve families and individuals through various ministries.


Our purpose is to love God and love others!

We do this by leading people to become devoted followers of Jesus Christ. This is done by helping them to connect with God through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, connect with people who love Jesus, grow in their relationships with God and other people, and serve God by serving people in the world.


Our vision is to lead people into a thriving relationship with Jesus Christ, and to build a vibrant community of believers in the areas of South Fulton, Coweta, and Fayette counties.

Pastor Profile

The pastor must be a committed follower of Jesus Christ, a person whose life bears testimony of divine calling and gifts for ministry, and one who joyfully accepts his responsibility, convinced of God’s leadership and enthusiastic affirmation of the church

The pastor should have the gift of preaching, be a persuasive communicator of the Gospel, and provide encouragement and guidance for the church leaders and committees in planning, coordinating and evaluating the activities of the church

PBC is a church family marked by inspiring worship with a sense of anticipation of what God will do. Offering both a traditional and contemporary worship service weekly, PBC has drawn a wide range of members and attendees to our church family which reflects a great deal of diversity. PBC demonstrates a concern for the community by its engagement through local ministries like Upward Basketball, a Food Bank and a Signs Ministry. PBC is blessed with a talented group of staff who are committed to follow Christ to fulfill the vision of the church. There is a long history of strong financial support of missions through the State Cooperative Program budget, local association, and state and national Baptist offerings. Members also have opportunities for hands-on mission involvement through trips both in the US and internationally.

The pastor will lead the staff and oversee all ministries and programs of the church. The pastor will give leadership in developing God’s vision for Palmetto Baptist and aid in equipping the congregation to reach our world for Christ.

The pastor must be an effective witness of Jesus Christ, provide leadership in evangelism, outreach, education, mission projects and emphasize the need for qualified persons to respond to God’s call to missions and ministry.

The pastor will visit and counsel with church members to provide encouragement and support during times of special need.

The pastor should demonstrate the biblical characteristics that describe an overseer in 1 Timothy 3:2-7 and an elder found in Titus 1:5-9. He should be approachable and able to relate to all age and ethnic groups.

The pastor will lead the church to cooperate with community groups and other Baptist entities at the local, state, and national level, and be an articulate interpreter of the ministry of our church.

Community Profile

Palmetto Baptist Church is located 25 miles south of Atlanta. We are located in Coweta County, but we also serve the counties of Fulton and Fayette that are located within a few miles from our church campus.

Coweta County has a total population of 148,000 and an exceptional quality of life. It is a fast growing county with high quality education and state-of-the-art healthcare options. The close proximity to Atlanta and the airport will continue to attract businesses and community residents to our area for decades to come.

The population within a 10 minute drive of Palmetto Baptist Church is approximately 16,879 with 51% female and 49% male. The racial diversity is represented by three primary groups: 61% White, 28% Black and 9% Hispanic. The average household income is $76,924 with employment in White Collar jobs (64%), Blue Collar jobs (28%) and in the Services industry (9%). Education levels are high with 57% of the population having some college and/or a college degree. An additional 27% have a high school diploma.